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Adults, Senior School, Junior School, Pineapple Chunks, Drop in classes, Summer Schools, Tailor Made, West End Workshops


The above courses offer top quality dance training in Street dance, Jazz Technique, Musical Theatre Repertoire, Ballet, and Commercial Dance.


Principal Maggie Paterson has been a dance teacher for nearly 30 years at Pineapple Dance Studios. With her extensive knowledge in all areas of dance (and as one of the most experienced teachers in the West End) she is more than qualified to carefully hand pick all the dance tutors at PPAS. Maggie is constantly sourcing the best in the business to teach at the school, taking carefully into consideration the right person to work with the age, style and demands of each and every class. You can be guaranteed that whatever you are looking for in dance training at PPAS, Maggie will have placed you in the capable hands of a top industry professional exceptional in their own individual style of dance!

We are proud to be based at the most famous Dance Studio in the world. With our connection to the studios, we are able to offer all our students, (regardless of their age and experience) a variety of top quality Pineapple dance teachers.

We also employ outstanding choreographers and professional dancers regularly seen on television in shows such as X-Factor, So You Think You Can Dance, pop videos and hip hop shows i.e Into the Hoods, Blaze and Bounce, The Street Dance Sensation!

As our base is at a central London location, not only are the studios easily assessable for parents and students but West End performers are always happy to pop in and offer us their valuable time to teach Musical Theatre repertoire, offering first hand knowledge of West End shows and the demands of working as a professional dancer!

PPAS offer exceptional dance training, our reputation is highly regarded and the results of our training have been rewarded by being invited to perform at a number of prestigious events and television shows, i.e Proms in the Park , Blue Peter, The Mobos, Good Morning and at The Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations. In March 2011 the senior school were chosen to perform at the premier of Soldier with Dax O’Callaghan (see tutors profiles) at The Mermaid Theatre in association with Help for Heroes.

The school has won many awards over the years; in 2010 we won the best overall of the entire competition for Choreography,
(tutor Amy Butterfield and dancers Fame Street) at the Starpower competition and were winners of the Best Performing Arts School at the prestigious Dance-off Awards. Many of our students have gone on to work as dancers and choreographers notably Sisco Gomez judge on So You Think You
Can Dance.

I would like to thank Maggie and everyone at PPAS for the opportunity they gave me and her continued supportScott Maurice Credits include: The lead of Tyrone in the UK no 1 tour of Fame and the West End Shows Never Forget at The Savoy Theatre, Thriller West End and Ghost! Scott was spotted dancing in Thriller and was invited to dance with Beyonce at the Emmys 2010. Read More

Adam Shorey