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Audience review of Soldier from the Edinburgh fringe


Here’s what one audience member had to say about our recent production of Soldier at The Edinburgh Fringe:

Wasn’t sure who to contact but I have just been up at the Edinburgh and went to see Soldier having seen a 5 min promo of the show on the Royal Mile. I go the the Edinburgh Festival & Fringe every year and this year managed to fit in 15 shows/performances from across the board and this performance stood out from the rest! I went to Soldier with my sister and we were both absolutely blown away by it!
Incredible dancers! The energy and emotion in this production was just amazing.
I managed to say thank you and well done to a couple of the dancers as I left the venue but simply wanted to say HUGE congratulations to all the dancers involved and also to the choreographer……just brilliant!
Lynda Main

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