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Panto auditions

In addition to our chorus auditions, we are now taking applications for principal parts for Flo White! The panto will rehearse in Enfield from November18th and will run till January 5th 2014. There is a small fee for principal parts. Please see below for character breakdowns and for more info or to book a slot, please call us on 0208 351 8839 or email The auditions will be in Enfield on Wednesday October 2nd from 3-8pm.

Character Breakdowns
MUDDLES (Playing age= 18-21):
The audience’s friend. A loyal, lovable dependable dope. Friendly, open, and honest. He would do anything for Flo White. He is very “street” and “Urban” and has to be comfortable playing that style of speaking, and he has to be able to interact with the audience in a relaxed and natural way.

FLO WHITE(Playing age= 17-21):
By day, she is the model stepdaughter – obedient and sweet-natured in the classic Disney Snow white mould. But at night, in the clubs, she’s Flo White, a rapper with a great cheeky style and killer moves. She is just as comfortable talking to a duchess of an MC, and can relate to the audience too. Must be able to perform pre-written and rehearsed rap.

BELLADONNA (Playing age= 35 ):
The Baddie everyone must love to hiss and boo, Belladonna Bianco has been a successful pop singer but it’s been a years since she had a hit, and the phone stopped ringing long ago. All this has made her bitter and needy, reliant on a magic mirror for regular ego-boosts. She’s also mean to her stepdaughter, just for being young and pretty. Lord knows how she’d react if she knew about Snow White’s secret success as a rapper….looking for an actress who can sneer, strut, and whip the audience into a frenzy of booing and hissing – and then get control back!

BATTY/BUNNY BEATBOX(Playing age= 40+, but it’s a broad character role, so ability to project the character is more important than actor’s chronological age):
A split/twin “dame” role. Batty Beatbox is Belladonna Bianco’s cleaner, and aunt to Muddles. She’s a hard-working, arch, knowing – if slightly scatty – dame character in the classic mould – with good comic timing and the ability to forge a great relationship with the audience. Her twin sister Bunny is a more glamour-puss, vampy version of Batty. The challenge for the actor will be to strike the balance between the two characters, making them different enough while being obvious and arch about being the same performer

PRINCE BERTRAM/KORG-E (Playing age= 18-21):
Bertram is a minor royal who, in his first term at university, has completely bought into street culture. He arrives back at his royal flat in a hoodie, talking like an urban all-star and – much to the consternation of his valet, Humphrey – walking the street cool walk. His first order of business is to find himself a Royal Rapper. He’s a likeable buffoon, trying much too hard to be “street” and almost getting away with it, but not quite…

HUMPHREY (Playing age= 35+):
Humphrey is a public-school educated, upper-class civil servant type whose main job is to keep Prince Bertram out of trouble. This is easier said than done. Humphrey has charm and old-school good manners that attract the attentions of both of the Beatbox sisters, but is totally out of his depth in the street culture world that Bertram (“call me Korg-E”) plunges him into. A bit of a “Hugh Grant” character.
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