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Thierno Bah

Thierno Bah is a dancer/choreographer and was a former member of the Platinum Performing Arts company. He’s been dancing for 7 years and has been pursuing a career in dance joining a group that was made up of a group of friends called Persuasive he gained and developed a passion for dance and became well known in the dance industry, he was working hard and trained in order for his understanding of poppin & lockin’, waving, tutting and also to improve on technique and sharpness of executing moves. In 2009, Thierno was also part of a dance group called MXT Entertainment.

He went on to perform in various shows including shows such as Live Vibe and competed in a competition called “DANCE CHALLENGE” were they finished 2nd in the school/college category. From the success of the group it lead Thierno and other members of the group to progress on towards more shows. Thierno formally used to dance with ‘Persuasive’ dance group, they performed in shows such as Dance Challenge, True Colours and Live-Vibe.

Thierno also had the opportunity as a Persuasive member to be featured in the first UK dance movie called STREET DANCE 3D. This boosted the name of the group and gave them the opportunity to do shows in universities, charities and even the National Movie Awards in 2010.

Thierno’s first year at Platinum performing arts is where he showed great potential and determination by being a part of the DPMO show which was a great success, because of his hard work and enthusiasm he ended up becoming a part of future productions with Platinum Performing Arts being casted his first lead part in the Second and third performances of DPMO (Deciding Pathways Motivational Outcomes).
Playing the role of Lyon, a heartless young teenager going through the phases of popularity social media and being the feared known rebel at school, with a broken background.

Thierno has further tried to improve his skills by learning ballet, tap and contemporary with his talent he is now in the process of recording his own videos in order to promote himself as a choreographer ,performer and professional dancer.